Sounds of the Steel Guitar

On February 4, 2009, we had to learn about the passing of Tom Brumley, member of the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame and a true pioneer of the instrument, who had left us totally unexpected, after having suffered a heart attack and several subsequent strokes. Tom became famous as a pedal steel guitar virtuoso who took great part in defining the sound of Buck Owens & His Buckaroos, one of the most famous bands in Country Music History. Together with Don Rich, Tom was the key element for the "Buck Owens Sound". His playing on "Together Again" will not only be among the all-time landmarks for the Pedal Steel Guitar, it also inspired so many of us to turn towards the instrument and start playing. After leaving the Buckaroos, Tom remained musically active and worked with many great names in Country Music, among them Ricky Nelson, Dwight Yoakam and the Desert Rose Band.

 A true legend has left us, but his music will stay with us forever. Thanks for all the great music you have blessed us with, Tom!

In Memory of Tom Brumley

(December 11, 1935 - February 4, 2009)

As a special tribute to the music of Tom Brumley, I have added two clips featuring the steel guitar of Tom Brumley. Both clips are from 2002. I recorded them with my portable mini-disc recorder at Scotty's Convention in St. Louis. The sound is of course not studio quality, but I wanted to share these fond memories of Tom with you all:


Why not have a little fun and listen to some good music (and steel guitar, of course!). I will post an MP3 clip for your listening pleasure every week, without telling the name of the artist and steel player. When I change the clip (usually on Sundays), I will give you the info about last week's artist and steel player. If you know the answer right away, feel free to drop me a line but I have to tell you - no prices! Here is this week's clip (11/10/2019):




Information about last clip: "Ten Minutes Till Heartache" by Marty Brom, with Dickie Overbey on Steel.


Here is a track by singer/songwriter Tim Rose called "Fresh Mowed Lawn" - a very interesting project!



MP3 - Sample (826 kB) -> POOR RAMBLING BOY 

from the CD "COUNTRY BUSKERS - Not from Nashville" (1993)
I wrote the song "Poor Rambling Boy" in 1990